guidelines for e-posters on webhosting

  • e-Posters can be sent as a .ppt, .pptx, .key, .pdf, Google Slides file, link to your web-Prezi or Adobe Illustrator
  • e-Posters will be converted to a .pdf file (unless the e-Poster is in Prezi or Google Slides) by ePosterBoards, and displayed as a static .pdf file within the conference's e-poster website
  • As e-Posters will be displayed as a static .pdf file (unless the e-Poster is in Prezi or Google Slides) within the e-poster website, hyperlink and embedded videos will not function 
  • e-Poster presenters using Prezi or Google Slides must provide the ePosterBoards team with a link to their presentation
  • To share videos, the presenter should reference the video within the e-poster.  The ePosterBoards team will display an embedded video as a separate item within the e-poster website
  • Compatible Video files: mov, .mp4, .m4v, .avi, mpeg
  • The recommended (not required) standard template size is 40.97×23.04 (landscape), or 23.04x23.04 (portrait); utilizing the standard template size will optimize viewing options
  • Recommended file size: 5MB (max). Files in excess of this recommendation will be modified by the ePosterBoards team upon submission to ensure proper display on the e-poster website.  Please note that large e-posters may take longer to load via the website
  • Contact Tech Support ( with any questions