The first option for subsidizing the cost of the ePosterBoards service is to charge the e-poster presenters a nominal e-poster fee ($25-100). Even though it would be an additional cost for them, it is substantially less than paper poster printing fees ($100-300). Depending on how much is charged for the eposter fee, the organization can break-even with the costs for the ePosterBoards. If there are additional presenters that utilize ePosterBoards, then your organization can actually make revenue from e-posters. 



The second option for subsidizing the cost of the ePosterBoards services is to create a corporate sponsorship for e-posters. This is a great way to get a corporate sponsor to cover the ePosterBoard rental expenses and to also get additional name recognition. 

Sponsors can benefit from paying for the ePosterBoards by utilizing the technology to display their own marketing material. Sponsors can rent an extra ePosterBoard and have their own content running on the board during the meeting. With this setup, the sponsors will typically have their ePosterBoard displayed in the registration area. The sponsors can also work with the ePosterBoards staff and have content running on the ePosterBoards during the off-times of the poster session. For events that have eposter kiosks, the sponsors can request to have their logos built into the kiosk menus or the number signage. 



The final option for subsiding the cost of the ePosterBoards service is to have all of the attendees pay for the ePosterBoards. If you divide the total cost of the electronic poster boards by the number of expected attendees, then you will know how much to charge each person. For events that have high attendance numbers, this might be a good option because the additional registration costs will be fairly low for each individual since the total costs will be spread out over a significant amount of people.